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My story

Born into an antique dealer's home, my father Fred was a fine arts painter by art school training and and an Ancient Art & Antiquities Dealer since 1963. As a child growing up I had always been surrounded by beautiful and historically significant pieces of art and antiques around me at home.

From these very early formative years, I was drawn into the world of fine arts from drawing techniques to painting and sculpture along with the appreciation of antiques. A magical world was opened up to me with exciting curiosity in life art and design. These valuable early experiences honed my art and design sensibilities, thus being instrumental in lighting my future path.

"I am as much interested in the smallest detail as in the whole structure."  Maecel breuer (1901 - 1982)

Gudarz Riyahi


Not so surprisingly at the age of 19 after having finished secondary school, I enrolled at Central St Martins School of Art and Design in London, there I studied on the foundation course in Art & Design. Everyday I was surrounded by really interesting and very creative people, these were positively formative years. further down the road I was drawn towards studying Architecture at the Architectural Association School of Architecture London, where I gained my Undergraduate Degree.


Years later after a career in carpentry, joinery and furniture making, being my other passions, I returned back to education to gain my Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture from UEL, completing my time at university.


After a short stint working as an architectural designer with Glas Architects in London, I set up my own practice 'space3 architecture' where I designed various residential projects and entered some international design competitions, this again was an informative and exciting experience.

Artisan carpentry, bespoke furniture making and restoring, remain passions never lost which have also helped me immensely in this my occupation an antique dealer.

I use my personal engagement with photography which has been a major part of my creative energy since the age of 18, to keep alive the sense of seeing and appreciating beauty which exist all around.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

My education..

1989 - 1990     Central St martins School of Art and Design - London

1995 - 1997     Architectural Association School of Architecture - London

2008 - 2012     University of East London School of Architecture - London


1998 - 2000     Riyahi Gallery Antiques & Antiquities- Mayfair London

2001 - present   Furniture Making - Carpentry - Contracting  London

2008 - 2012     University of East London School of Architecture - London

2012 - 2013     Glas Architecture Studio - Shoreditch London

2013 - 2016     space3 architecture Studio - Finchley London

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