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Solid Teak & Veneer Surface Desk c. 1960's

Solid Teak & Veneer Surface Desk c. 1960's

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This stunning Mid Century Solid Teak & Veneer Surface Desk. Danish in Design, Boomerang shape model, slightly curved top to front and back edges with a large niche at the back for storage of books. It is composed of 6 drawers with inlaid handles in solid teak, the 1st drawers are lockable one key available which locks both. The legs are also made of solid Teak, tapered, the piece in good general condition, with very light traces of use which come with age. A beautifully light and elegant desk which will adapt to all interior styles.


Sourced in France, this desk features a beautiful blend of solid Teak and veneer, perfectly capturing the essence of the era. The desk was once the property of one Dr. G. Barbara and includes personal artifacts and letterheads with French handwritten notes, adding a unique touch of history and character. The drawers also contain a booklet of Biomicroscopie in French, further adding to the desk's charm and provenance. Whether used as a functional workspace or simply as a statement piece, this vintage desk is sure to become a beloved addition to any home.

SKU: 00040
  • Height 73 cm, Width 135 cm, Depth 74 cm,   Weight 20 Kg

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