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 Rii Haus Antiques

Rii Haus Antiques is a second generation Antiques business dealing in Antiques and Vintage Design. My father Fred started the business back in 1963 at the age 18, In order to maintain the high standards he has set decades ago, I travel far and wide making new business relationships, seeking out beautifully designed and made objects. This pursuit is entirely satisfying, given the various international borders I cross and the special places I visit but most of all the interesting people I meet along the way, with whom everlasting relationships are made.


As a dealer of Antiques and Mid Century Design pieces, I do not follow a specific aesthetic or have a preference for a particular period, I simply seek the presence of a piece no matter where I find it and appreciate the beauty of it's language, whether it speaks to me of the 18th century or more recent language of 20th century design. 

Once acquired, these pieces may if necessary be passed on to a team of highly skilled craftspeople and restorers, who then faithfully and sympathetically breathe a new lease of life in these beautifully crafted pieces, artfully made by the hands of artisans & craftsmen of old, who expended the highest standards of honest beauty and workmanship. 


I take great pleasure in supplying these pieces to collectors, retail businesses, design professionals and private individuals, who are seeking to find that special piece for their next client, project or home, this is a satisfying culmination to the whole process.

I like to think we sympathetically 'Rii Haus' these authentic pieces.

New Stock

Rii Hass Antiqurs - Chair

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris (1834-1896)

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